European countries deal with energy related issues ahead of winter

European countries are dealing with a looming energy crisis this winter as Russia threatens to cut gas supplies to Europe.


Poland’s natural gas company PGNiG signed a 10-year contract with Norway’s state-owned energy firm Equinor to secure up to 2.4 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas annually until Jan. 1, 2033, according to a press statement issued Monday.


Gas purchased from Equinor will be delivered to Poland via the Baltic Pipe, an under-construction gas corridor expected to launch on Oct. 1.


When fully operational, the pipeline will carry up to 10 bcm of gas annually.




Two people were taken to hospital in southern Germany after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning from using a charcoal grill to heat their home, local media reported on Monday.


According to the police, a man in Muhldorf, Bavaria, used a charcoal grill as a heater in his apartment because of the increased energy prices. Due to the carbon monoxide buildup in the apartment, two people had to be taken to hospital with symptoms of poisoning. They are out of danger.


According to the report, police started an investigation against the apartment owner and warned of the life-threatening dangers of such actions.


European countries are coming up with energy-saving measures in preparation for the possibility that Russia will fully cut off gas supplies to the EU in retaliation to Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine.


Source: Anadolu Agency