Voting restrictions pass hurdle in US state of Texas

Seeking to join a wave of new voting restrictions in Republican-run US states, Texas’ state House on Friday okayed new hurdles against the use of against mail-in-ballots and voting machines.

The bill passed the House with an 81-64 vote following an all-night session, according to US news outlet The Hill.

It seeks to prevent public officials from sending out mail-in ballot applications without prior requests and imposes strict rules on the number of voting machines.

Meanwhile, the state Senate has approved a separate measure that restricts early voting rules and prohibits drive-through voting.

The legislation, one of scores in Republican states following former President Donald Trump’s discredited claims of voter fraud, needs to be reconciled with the Senate bill before ending up on Governor Greg Abbot’s desk for his possible signing it into law.

Similar move have also been taken by the Southern states of Florida and Georgia, and the legislation in both faces legal challenges.

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that determines where drop boxes can be placed and who can drop off a ballot.

After a very close race in the state that resulted in the victory of US President Joe Biden, Georgia also passed new voting laws earlier this year.

African-American groups and Democrats claim the legislation is meant to make it harder for Democratic-leaning groups and minorities to vote.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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