Turkey’s ambassador to US asks for strong action against terrorists

Ankara’s Ambassador to Washington Murat Mercan asked NATO allies to take strong action against terror groups, according to a letter to the editor published on The Hill website on Wednesday.

“Our alliance with the U.S. should not correspond to full ignorance of Turkey’s legitimate security interests,” wrote Mercan. “Neither has it any meaning to militarily aid a terrorist organization, i.e. Kurdistan Workers’ Party/People’s Protection Units, which has perpetrated more than 400 attacks against Turkish interests and citizens since November 2019.”

Mercan emphasized that Turkey is at the forefront against a whirlpool of challenges and threats as a long-standing NATO ally in its region where various actors pursue terrorism to fill a vacuum created by the Transatlantic community’s retreat from the region.

He noted that a request to purchase Patriot missiles from the US was ignored and Ankara’s proposal to hold detailed talks with Washington has been declined.

“Turkey remains committed to EuroAtlantic values and principles. We ask for equal partnership, mutual respect and empathy. We stand ready to move forward on the basis of a positive agenda once our Allies, the U.S. in particular, start to genuinely address Turkish security concerns, instead of pushing away Turkey, contrary to the Transatlantic community’s interests,” wrote Mercan.

“Friends and Allies should talk openly without resorting to a blame game and inflammatory rhetoric. We also expect our Allies to take strong action against terrorist organizations, such as the Fethullah Terrorist Organization, which have constantly threatened our democracy, the most recent being a bloody coup attempt,” he added.

Sourc:e: Anadolu Agency