Over 1.56B coronavirus vaccine shots given worldwide

More than 1.56 billion coronavirus vaccine shots have been given worldwide, figures compiled by Our World in Data, an online portal, showed on Thursday.

China was the most vaccinated country with nearly 449.51 million jabs, according to the data, followed by the US with more than 277.29 million.

India has administered 186.41 million jabs, the UK 57.86 million, and Brazil 55.1 million. Germany has reported giving 41.52 million shots, France 30.26 million, and Italy 28.86 million.

The list continues with Turkey, which has administered more than 27.26 million jabs, followed by Russia, Mexico, and Indonesia.

The country with the most doses by population was the East African island nation of Seychelles, with 133.77 doses per 100 people.

– Turkey ranks 9th worldwide

According to Health Ministry data, Turkey has administered more than 27.26 million jabs since a nationwide immunization campaign began on Jan. 14.

More than 15.59 million Turks have received their first doses, while over 11.66 million have been fully vaccinated.

Most COVID-19 vaccines are administered in two jabs, so the number of jabs given is not the same as the number of individuals fully vaccinated.

Since December 2019, the pandemic has claimed over 3.42 million lives in 192 countries and regions, with nearly 165 million cases reported worldwide, according to figures compiled by the US’ Johns Hopkins University.

The US, India, and Brazil remain the worst-hit countries in terms of the number of infections.

Source: Anadolu Agency