Libyan army says pro-Haftar militias kill citizen

_:TRIPOLI, Libya (AA) – The Libyan army announced on Saturday that militias loyal to Khalifa Haftar, leader of the illegitimate armed forces in the east, killed one person in central Jufra province.

Spokesman for the army’s Sirte-Jufra Joint Operations Unit, Gen. Abdulhadi Dirah, told Anadolu Agency that pro-Haftar forces’ 77th division killed Mohammed Juma in Jufra.

The current situation is tense in Jufra and residents started to assembly in the city center, he added.

In a separate development, Operation Anger of Volcano, affiliated with the Libyan army, reported an unspecified type of fighter plane and a helicopter flown by Haftar forces were spotted in Jufra skies 600 kilometers (373 miles) southeast of Tripoli.

Source: Anadolu Agency