Lewandowski scores 41st to break Muller’s record in Bundesliga

Bayern Munich’s polish striker Robert Lewandowski scored 41 goals this season, setting a new record in the history of Germany’s top-tier football league.

“I have to say I never dreamt about breaking this record, to score more than 40 goals because I thought that it’s impossible,” the official Bundesliga website quoted Lewandowski as saying.

“If you only have 34 games and I played 29 games – so that’s why I still don’t believe what I did. But I think of this whole game, I scored in the last seconds – not only the last minute. I was trying three, four, five times to score, but I couldn’t. And the last situation came, and I scored the goal. That is something special, something historic. I still don’t believe it, but maybe tomorrow, maybe even one or two weeks later, I’ll understand what I did,” he added.

Lewandowski set the new record on Saturday with a 90th-minute goal against Augsburg. Bayern Munich beat Augsburg 5-2.

He broke the record of Bayern legend Gerd Muller, who had scored 40 goals in the 1971-72 season

Source: Anadolu Agency

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