International peace rally arrives in Serbia

The 15th Europa-Orient & East-West Friendship and Peace Rally, one of the world’s leading automobile rallies, reached Serbia’s capital on Thursday.

The participants arrived in Belgrade after departing from Belgium, traveling through Germany and Slovenia.

Nadir Serin, the rally’s organizer, told Anadolu Agency that this year’s theme and format is different from previous years.

“The theme is gastronomy. We used to begin from a start point in other rallies, but this year everyone will arrive in Turkey starting from where they are,” said Serin.

He added that the rally aims to promote Turkish cuisine and demonstrate that Turkey is safe even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of their visit to Serbia, the participants met the Turkish ambassador to Belgrade, Hami Aksoy.

The rally is supported by Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Directorate for EU Affairs, Culture and Tourism Ministry, and TuvTurk, a private Turkish vehicle inspection service company.

Source: Anadolu Agency