Fenerbahce president Ali Koc puts his candidacy to be re-elected

Fenerbahce President Ali Koc officially announced his candidacy to be re-elected chairman of the club.

Koc delivered a speech at a press conference held at the Ulker Stadium on Thursday, adding that he will run again in the next election, which will take place in June.

Koc, 54, said that he was named president for the first time in 2018 and the last three years have passed quickly for him.

“I hope we will hold the ordinary General Assembly on June 12-13. We said ‘we need two terms’ to achieve what we want to do. I cannot say that we were well in the first term. I would like to share with you that I have decided to be a candidate for the second term because I feel responsible for the great success of this [Fenerbahce ] community,” he stated.

Koc said that it is “the greatest happiness” to contribute to Fenerbahce.

“We have always tried to prioritize the interests of Fenerbahce and build their future. We took successful steps. We will continue these successes uninterruptedly in the upcoming period and we will start to see the return of our efforts.”

A Turkish businessman, Koc previously was a board member of the Turkish club before he was elected as president in 2018.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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