Bangladeshi premier slams Israeli violence

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday urged for sustainable global action to stop the Israeli violence against Palestinians.

Hasina in a letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the eviction of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem is a severe violation of human rights and international laws.

“I, on behalf of the people and the Government of Bangladesh, express my deep sadness and concern about the recent attacks of terrorist nature and violence unleashed on the innocent devotees and civilians at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

“While expressing our deep condolences to the victims and sympathies to our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we unequivocally denounce such acts of terror and violence and urge the international community to take sustainable measures to end such kinds of acts anywhere and everywhere in the world including Palestine,” she wrote in the letter.

Hasina reiterated Bangladesh’s unflinching commitment in realizing the inalienable rights of the brotherly people of Palestine for an independent homeland and a sovereign and viable State of Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Bangladesh is one of 28 UN member states that does not recognize the state of Israel.

​​​​​​​At least 48 Palestinians have been killed and 305 others injured in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Five Israelis have also been killed and 45 others injured in Palestinian rocket attacks.

Tensions have spilled over the Palestinian territories after Israeli police stormed the flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the occupied East Jerusalem and assaulted worshippers.

Palestinians since last week have been protesting an Israeli court ruling on eviction of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem amid attacks by Israeli forces.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and annexed the entire city in 1980, in a move that has never been recognized by the international community.​​​​​​​

Sourc:e: Anadolu Agency