Zeaiter: We chose aviation tracks that ensure passengers' safety

NNA – Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ghazi Zeaiter, clarified Saturday the procedure pertaining to the Russian Navy military maneuvers in the Mediterranean regional waters, saying that “there are international agreements regarding air traffic within the vicinity where the exercises are taking place,” adding that “we have chosen aviation tracts that ensure the safety of passengers traveling from & to Rafic Hariri International Airport.”

Speaking to the National News Agency’s Radio News Department, Zeaiter stressed that “we have no closure of airspace, for that is not acceptable,” adding that “the Russians did not even ask us to close our airspace.”

He went on to indicate that “the Russians did not request to use regional waters for any strikes in Syria or Iraq or Arsal outskirts, even though the whole world has agreed to attack gangs of terrorism, whether in Arsal or within Syria.”

“We, Lebanese, are against terrorism and wish to fight it,” concluded Zeaiter, recalling herein the tragic incident of Burj el-Barajneh twin bombings.

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