YPG Issues Statement on UN’s Ceasefire Decision

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The People's Protection Units (YPG) have issued a statement about the unanimously approved United Nations Security Council resolution demanding "humanitarian pause" for 30 days throughout Syria.

The statement announced that the YPG would implement the resolution all round except in their fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

It was also expressed that "the right to self-defense will be exercised" against Turkey and the Free Syrian Army's (FSA) operation in Afrin.

"We call on all parties to implement the resolution"

According to Mesopotamia Agency, YPG issued the following statement:

"On February 24, 2018, the United Nations Security Council adopted a month-long ceasefire resolution throughout Syria, including Efrin, to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid, in accordance with the Council's article number 2401. As the YPG General Command, we are announcing we will implement this resolution.

"We will implement the Security Council's ceasefire resolution against all powers except DAESH. We will still use our right to self-defense against attacks on Afrin of the state of Turkey and affiliated gangs.

"Our forces will provide safe passage for delegations from the UN and humanitarian organizations to ensure those wounded in attacks by the state of Turkey and its gangs receive treatment and that the Efrin region, affected in a multitude of ways, receives humanitarian aid.

"As the YPG we call on all powers in Syria to implement the UN Security Council's resolution."

Foreign Ministry: Afrin operation will go on

The UN Security Council's resolution had demanded "that all parties cease hostilities without delay for at least 30 consecutive days throughout Syria to enable the safe, unimpeded and sustained delivery of humanitarian aid and services and medical evacuations of the critically sick and wounded".

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Hami Aksoy, in his statement on the subject, had regarded the ceasefire decision positively but said it would not affect the offensive against Afrin. (TP/PU)


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