YouTube touts income potential from new music service

The new YouTube music platform will help Turkish musicians earn more money, YouTube's business development director said on Monday.

The world's largest video site, YouTube recently launched a new platform, YouTube Music, in Turkey.

Waleed Diab, YouTube's director of North America record label business development, told Anadolu Agency: "People are exporting music to all different regions around the world, and finding new audiences and generating new revenue."

YouTube is spreading Turkish culture and Turkish music throughout the world, he said.

YouTube understands the significant value coming from record companies, music publishers, artists and managers, said Diab.

"We want to make sure we have a platform for users that can't get the attention of a record company or for those who just enjoy creating music without starting a business," he added.

"The new YouTube Music platform is creating playlists out of algorithms based on collected user data. We consider different indicators for each user" Diab said.

"We want to deliver the music that is most relevant to the user," he explained.

"Because users have been visiting YouTube for a long time and engaging with the service we already have, it feels like we already have a relationship with them," he said.

"If you've been using YouTube for 10 years, we already know a little bit about you, and we're going to figure out the music content that you like. Therefore, it differs from looking for a new service and starting from scratch."

Source: Anadolu Agency