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Wounded Syrian children receive treatment in Turkey

Two Syrian children who were critically injured in two separate incidents in northwestern Syria are recovering at a state hospital in Turkey.

Adil Veysel, 13, was injured when a bomb-laden vehicle exploded in the northern Syrian city of Azaz.

Bashar Muhammad al-Hacci, 11, was severely injured in an explosion in Al-Rai town in Azaz.

The children are being given medical treatment in Turkey's southern Kilis province.

"When Syrian children were brought to the hospital, they were in very bad condition," pediatric surgeon Ismail Ozmen told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday.

Apart from the wounds on their body, they suffered from other problems, including loss of consciousness and respiratory failure, he said.

Noting that the children were treated in an intensive care unit for about 5 days, Ozmen said, they are in good condition now.

Veysel said: "I was a bit scared, I had pain. Then they brought me to Turkey. The doctors healed me here."

Source: Anadolu Agency