Working Conditions of Child Actors/Actresses to be Regulated

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The Ministry of Labor and Social Security has prepared a law draft regulating working conditions of children acting in movies and commercials.

A 15-minute break after every hour of work is made necessary in the draft.

The working hours will start as soon as the child arrives at the workplace.

A child actor/actress has to rest uninterruptedly for 14 hours after a workday, according to the draft.

Children won’t be waited at sets

Children won’t be waited at sets any more, they will be taken to their homes following the end of their working hours.

The children will be given time off no fewer than 48 hours regardless of their working hours in addition to 30 days of annual leave.

Psychologists will be kept available

A psychologist or an education scientist and an actor/actress trainer will be kept available in the working environment of the children.

Time off from school

They won’t be paid less then minimum wage.

School administrations will give a “time off from school” document proving that the child does not hinder his/her educational life.