With dagger, silencer in luggage: Switzerland arrested Ukraine mercenary at border

Swiss border officials arrested a Colombian man at the border crossing with Germany in Tagerwilen in the northeastern Swiss canton of Thurgau, local media reported on Thursday.

The incident occurred as early as Oct. 5, 2022, but only became known now. The Colombian was said to have carried a dagger, a silencer, a bayonet for a Kalashnikov, as well as a night-vision device, daily Blick said.

These weapons and war paraphernalia were allegedly seized by Swiss border guards. The man was arrested. In his luggage, the border guards also found a legionnaire contract with Ukraine.

According to daily Tages-Anzeiger, the Colombian man allegedly said he had been fighting as a mercenary in Ukraine for six months. His plan had been to take a two-week vacation in Switzerland before returning to the war zone.

The man was released 24 hours after his arrest. However, the Swiss State Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General opened criminal proceedings for violations of the laws on arms and embargo related to Ukraine. The embargo law prohibits the transit of military goods from Ukraine.

According to Tages-Anzeiger, the Swiss Attorney General's Office sentenced the Colombian man to a conditional fine of 40 daily rates of 30 Swiss francs ($32.5) by penalty order.

The seized weapons and accessories are to be destroyed.

If the man had been a Swiss citizen, he would have faced a significantly higher penalty. Swiss nationals who fight for a foreign army face up to three years in prison.

As Blick wrote, it is known that several Swiss citizens are fighting in Ukraine. Therefore, seven proceedings are underway with the Swiss military justice system. The Swiss citizens concerned face immediate arrest if they reenter the country.

Source: Anadolu Agency