Vote kicks off to select temporary executive in Libya

A member of the Libyan dialogue forum said on Monday that the voting on the mechanism to select the temporary executive authority in Libya has started.

According to the member who spoke to Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity, the UN mission in Libya started to contact 75 members of dialogue forum to take their votes on the proposed mechanism to select the temporary authority in Libya.

That includes the presidency of the Presidential Council and the Libyan government members and its prime ministry.

He noted that the voting ends on Tuesday 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT), and the result will be announced in the same day.

The dialogue forum member also added that the executive authority will be temporary and unified, and will be replaced by an elected government on Dec. 24 this year.

On Jan. 3, the UN interim envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams announced the formation of an 18-member Consultative Council of the Libyan Dialogue Forum with the aim to draft a form mechanism for the Libyan temporary executive.

Despite the progress on the political and military levels between the rival Libyan parties, the Libyan government documented several violations by Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar's militia to the ceasefire reached on Oct. 23 under the UN mediation.

*Ahmed Asmar contributed to this report from Ankara

Source: Anadolu Agency