US: Turkish Troops in Iraq are Illegal

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Spokesperson of International Coalition Forces in Iraq, Colonel John Dorrian stated “Turkish military in Iraq has not been deployed by the Iraqi Government or an official order and is therefore illegal”.

In another statement, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had announced that “Iraqi army, peshmerga forces, local militia, the US and other anti-ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) coalition states” would join the Mosul Operation yet Turkey was not mentioned.

Yesterday (October 4), Council of Representatives of Iraq had announced their decision in a written statement that “Turkey should be considered among the ‘invader forces’ and necessary action should be taken in order to drive Turkey out of Iraqi lands”.


On December 5, 2015, Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had sent troops to Bashiqa camp near Mosul. Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, İbrahim al-Jaafari had stated that they would have to consider taking military action in case Turkey did not withdraw its soldiers completely from Bashiqa.

US: Turkey is not among the coalition forces

Following the Iraqi Council’s statement that Turkey’s military presence in Bashiqa was inadmissible, US has also made a statement.

Colonel Dorrian stated today (October 5) that “Turkish military in Iraqi lands has not been deployed by the Iraqi Government or an official order and is therefore illegal. As already known, some states within the International Coalition Forces are here with an authorization by the İraqi Government. These forces are providing the İraqi army air and land support in the fight against ISIS”. 

Dorrian added that Turkey was not among the International Coalition Forces supporting Iraqi Government in the fight against ISIS.


NATO: We won’t join operations

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO made a statement today regarding the situation in Iraq.

According to Sputnik News, Stoltenberg has stated that NATO would not participate in the operations against ISIS in Iraq yet would continue training the local forces.

Speaking to the journalists ahead of the Afghanistan Conference in Brussels, Stoltenberg has said; “NATO will not be a part of the war operation. NATO is only training forces here and will continue doing so. Because in the long term, local forces and Iraqi forces being able to fight ISIS would be much favourable than NATO launching extensive war operations.

“Iraqi army, peshmerga forces and local militia supported by US and other anti-ISIS coalition states are getting prepared to launch an operation in Mosul which is under control of ISIS”. (AS/DG)