US: If We Had Reached Agreement With Turkey, You Would See Brunson Here

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  • August 8, 2018
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The Spokesperson for the US Department of State Heather Nauert has made a statement regarding the recent tension between the US and Turkey in the wake of Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson not being released.

In response to a question regarding whether Turkey and the US have reached an initial agreement about Brunson as it was reported by some media outlets in Turkey, Nauert has said, “If we had reached any kind of agreement [with Turkey], you would see Pastor Brunson back here at home along with the other American citizens.”

Nauert has also answered a question regarding whether there has been any progress in easing the tension between the two countries. Nauert has said, “The kind of progress we want is for Pastor Brunson, our locally employed staff and other American citizens to be brought home. That’s the progress we’re looking for and we’re not there just yet.”

Nauert: There is no meeting to announce

A committee chaired by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Sedat Önal went to the US yesterday (August 7).

In the news reported in media in Turkey, the committee, consisting of nine officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Finance, were expected to meet the officials in the US today.

As reported by the Voice of America news website, in response to a question about the visit of the committee, Nauert has said, “I have seen the news, but I cannot confirm them. At this point, there is no meeting that we will announce.”

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Dollar hit 5.42 TRY after tension over Brunson

After the US announced its decision to impose sanctions on the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu and Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül in the wake of Pastor Brunson not being released, the exchange rate of US Dollar exceeded 5 Turkish Lira.

On August 7, with the escalation of the tension between the countries, the US Dollar hit 5.42 Turkish Lira, marking a record high.

As of 12.30 p.m. today, one US Dollar was 5.29 Turkish Lira. (EKN/SD)