US Embassy in Ankara makes statement over car crash involving mission community member

On a car accident that took place last week, the US Embassy in Ankara has confirmed that a staff member of the diplomatic mission community was involved in the incident, but said that person was not the husband of the US consul general in Istanbul, contrary to some initial reports.

“A member of the US Diplomatic Mission community was involved in the accident. However, the individual involved, Mounir Elkhamri, is not the husband of the US Consul General in Istanbul Julie Eadeh. Consul General Eadeh is married to another diplomat working at the US Embassy in Ankara,” the embassy said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement added that the embassy was in contact with Turkish authorities on the matter and wishes the accident victim a full and rapid recovery.

A consulate vehicle with diplomatic license plates crashed into a car in Istanbul’s Sisli district last Thursday. The driver of the vehicle hit by the consulate vehicle was taken to the hospital.

A blood test reportedly found that Elkhamri, the driver of the consulate vehicle, had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

Source: Anadolu Agency