US Congress still up for grabs with 3 key Senate races undecided

The battle for US congressional control remains undecided two days after Election Day, with neither party able to lay claim to the Senate nor the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Senate midterm races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada have yet to be called. While the same is true for Alaska, the state is headed for a run-off between two Republican candidates, meaning regardless of who wins, the party will claim the seat.

Currently, Republicans hold 49 seats in the 100-member chamber, compared to 48 for Democrats, according to The Associated Press.

The races in Arizona and Nevada remain too close to call. The battle in Georgia is headed for a Dec. 6 run-off between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver, who appears to have received about 2% of the vote, has been eliminated, opening up a critical segment of voters that will likely be decisive in determining who emerges victorious.

The contests are exceedingly pivotal in determining which party will lay claim to the Senate.

Democrats need 50 seats to hold a Senate majority thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris, while Republicans would need 51 since their party does not currently hold the White House.

An American vice president serves as president of the Senate and is able to cast tie-breaking votes. Senate tradition has held that control of the chamber in an evenly-split body goes to the party that controls the White House.

In the House, Republicans have been projected to win 208 of the 435 seats. Democrats, meanwhile, have won 185, according to The AP. Either party needs to win 218 seats for a majority.

If Republicans win the House, President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda will likely be almost certainly stopped in its tracks, facing an uncooperative Republican-dominated body.

If Republicans also take control of the Senate, Republicans could also block or slow down many of Biden’s appointments to key administration positions, as well as federal judges, who enjoy lifetime appointments, helping to shape public life for decades.

Source: Anadolu Agency