UPDATING: Declarations from 22 High Schools in 9 Days

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At the graduation ceremony in İstanbul High School, protesting students have turned their backs to the principal of the school holding a speech and have published a declaration.

The students have been criticizing that the contents of the traditional student activities had been restricted or cancelled, dressing restrictions were imposed on women students and panels were being cancelled.

The respective restrictions have reportedly occurred after the assignment of the new school principal and an application of “project school” was behind the new appointments. Ministry of National Education for instance had itself been appointing the principals of 11 high schools in İstanbul for almost one year. Before this practice, the principals were being appointed after consultations with the foundations which these schools were affiliated with and the potential principals were subjected to certain tests. Yet this practice has been abandoned with the introduction of new regulations which has granted the Minister of National Education the right to pick some high schools, make “project schools” out of these and appoint the teachers and principals of these schools without any examinations.

Following the protest on June 4, students of 22 other high schools have also published declarations criticizing dismissal of administrators and teachers, discriminations against women students, constraints of living spaces at the school, the administration permitting activities, distancing from scientific education and activities with religious contents.

Following high schools have published declarations:

İstanbul Erkek, Beyoğlu Anadolu, Galatasaray, Kadıköy Anadolu, Vefa Lisesi, Notre Dame de Sion, Bakırköy Anadolu, İzmir Atatürk, Beşiktaş Anadolu, Ankara Gazi Anadolu, İzmir Fen, İstek Vakfı Atanur Oğuz, Etiler Anadolu, Pertevniyal, Samsun Anadolu, Cağaoğlu Anadolu, İzmir Çiğli Fen,Bornova Anadolu, Erenköy Kız, Eskişehir Kılıçoğlu Anadolu, Eskişehir Salih Zeki Anadolu, Seyitgazi  Vocational Health High School