Underwater wonders fascinate visitors in E. Turkey

Located at the foothill of Turkey's highest mountain, a national park mesmerizes its visitors with wonders under water.

Mt. Agri, located in the eastern border province of Igdir, at an altitude of 5,165 metres is dubbed as the "roof of Turkey".

The Mt. Agri National Park offers a wide range of natural wonders and scenic views to visitors.

The national park hosts aquatic life such as turtles, plants and fishes.

It is a great chance for Igdir to have such a place within its borders, Muhammed Ates, a visitor, told Anadolu Anadolu Agency.

Visiting the park for the first time, Ates said: Everyone should come and see this national park.

In fact, not many people know the area, but this is a very beautiful wetland with different fish and bird species, Mustafa Yurtdas, another visitor, told Anadolu Agency.

We had an underwater photo shoot with friends in the national park. There's a totally different world underwater, Yurtdas said.

Source: Anadolu Agency