Ukrainian leader hails liberation of Kherson

“Today is a historic day. We are regaining the south of our country, regaining Kherson. Hope for Ukraine is always justified and Ukraine always regains its own.” he said in an address to the nation via video.

Zelenskyy said special units of the Ukrainian army are already in the city and regular units are closing in.

He vowed that the armed forces will liberate all other parts of the country under Russian control and said: “Due to our strength on the battlefield and in diplomacy, we will restore the territorial integrity of our state.”

But Zelenskyy warned about the danger of mines and explosives planted by withdrawing Russian troops.

The Ukrainian government will immediately start taking measures to ensure the return of normalcy to the city, he added.

Zelenskyy also revealed that 45 Ukrainian troops were released Friday from Russian captivity as he praised the bravery of active and fallen soldiers during the war.

Source: Anadolu Agency