UK morning show offers to pay energy bills as main prize

A popular UK television show has offered to pay viewers’ energy bills as part of its Spin To Win game to help with the cost of living crisis.


“This week we’ve got our usually cash prizes but you could also win some extra cash to pay your energy bills until the end of the year. That’s four months of energy bills totally taken care of,” Phillip Schofield, one of This Morning show’s main hosts, said in its Monday morning segment.


The announcement, however, received mixed reactions with some criticizing the move, while others commending the show’s producers for offering support to many who are unable to afford their energy bills.


“#ThisMorning having ‘energy bills’ as a prize on their Spin To Win is the most dystopian and sad reflection on society right now… How did we get to this point? Madness,” one Twitter user wrote.


Another added: “People are going to freeze to death this year because of energy crisis. turning it into light entertainment is beyond bleak.”


Others, however, were more supportive of the move with one saying: “Seriously don’t understand the backlash that at @thismorning @Schofe @hollywills are getting for putting energy bills as a winning item on spin the wheel yesterday! I for one would be very happy to win this! #ThisMorning.”


Energy prices across the UK are set to increase exponentially, leading to fears that many households will not be able to afford hot water and central heating in winter.


The average energy bill is expected to rise to £3,553 a year in October, up from the £1,971 that households currently pay. The energy price cap is expected to rise further in January and April the following year.


As a result of the energy price hikes, millions of households across the UK are expected to fall into poverty over the inability to afford such bills as well as stagnant wage growth, which has led to nationwide strikes from various work sectors.


New British Prime Minister Liz Truss has been urged to prioritize the cost of living crisis and create an emergency financial support package that would save many from destitution. In her first speech on Tuesday, Luz said economy, energy and health are her top priorities.


Source: Anadolu Agency