Turks protest Israel’s attacks on Palestinians

Scores of people and representatives of non-governmental organizations convened in front of Israel's embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara on Thursday to protest against Israel's attacks on Palestinians.

Ahmet Sanver, chairman of the Ankara branch of the Anatolia Youth Association, delivered a speech on behalf of the protesters.

"Those who think of making life easier and beautiful for only a family or a group, not for all of humanity, turn the world into hell for the rest of the people," he said.

"Zionism is the most obvious example of the deviant ideologies which prioritize the interests of a family or a nation before rights and justice.

Sanver stressed that Zionists have attacked and killed Palestinians since 1917.

"Israel sees the Palestinians as a threat and it continues to bomb Gaza, which is kept under siege. Within the last week, 30 of our brothers were martyred and another 50 were seriously injured during these bombardments," he said.

Sanver added that Turkish people will always stand by Palestinians and support them.

Source: Anadolu Agency