Türkiye says provocation in Sweden targeting Turkish president both ‘racist’ and ‘hate crime’

Thursday's provocation by supporters of the PKK/YPG terrorist group in Sweden targeting the Turkish president is both "racist" and "hate crime", the Turkish foreign minister said on Friday.

"We saw another provocation by the PKK/YPG terrorist group in Sweden. In fact, this is an act that includes both a racist and a hate crime. Therefore, it is an act that Sweden must also fight against," Mevlut Cavusoglu said in a joint press conference with his Italian counterpart Antonio Tajani in the capital Ankara.

Cavusoglu's remarks came after terror supporters on Thursday gathered in front of the historical City Hall in the capital Stockholm, hung a figure of Erdogan in effigy by the feet on a pole in front of the building and shared video footage of the moment on social media.

Footage posted later on a social media account affiliated with the terror group showed that threats targeting Türkiye and Erdogan were made with Turkish subtitles.

Sweden amended its constitution and related anti-terrorism law but those laws are not even needed, Cavusoglu said, adding it has to "fight an act that is racist and hate crime."

There had been some actions by the PKK before, and Sweden told Türkiye that they had difficulty in preventing them, he said.

This provocative action took place right in front of the municipality in the center of the city, in front of everyone, he said, adding that just condemning it is not enough.

"Sweden has a responsibility here, they cannot escape this responsibility," the Turkish foreign minister said.

The Swedish government had shown some determination on the issue, but activities of the terrorist organization continue there, he added.

"Not only yesterday's racist and hate crime act, but also activities supporting the terrorist organization continue," he said.?

There is an "apparent reality" that the terrorist organization and its supporters do not want Sweden and Finland to become members of NATO, the top Turkish diplomat said.

Either Sweden and Finland will "turn a blind eye to this and bow down to it" or they will fulfill their commitments to take the necessary steps against those terrorist organizations, he added.?

Last November, supporters of the terror group PKK/YPG projected images insulting Erdogan on a Turkish Embassy building in Stockholm.

The threatening protest came as Sweden tries to reassure Türkiye that it stands against terrorists which threaten the country, such as the PKK/YPG, while seeking Ankara’s approval for the Nordic country to join NATO.

Turkish officials have said Sweden has yet to fulfill the pledges it made to join the alliance.

Source: Anadolu Agency