Turkish relief group comes to aid of over 134,000 orphans in 2022

Türkiye's Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) supported over 134,000 orphaned children in the country and around the world in 2022, it said on Wednesday.

According to a statement, the group said it provided monthly support to 13,026 orphans in Türkiye and 121,116 in 48 other countries.

The humanitarian organization has been working in 42 orphanages and two orphan education facilities in 13 countries.

More than 25,100 orphan families were also given food packages last year, according to the statement.

It said the foundation provided education to 2,422 orphans and scholarships to 642. It also organized social and sports programs for 16,160 children without one or both of their parents and vocational training courses for 311 widows with children.

The IHH, which supports orphans with health projects, provides surgery, treatment, and medicine for 23,029, and provides health materials to 433.

Source: Anadolu Agency