Turkish firm eases cloud services management

Turkish information technologies company KocSistem offers an affordable and user-friendly interface system that enables companies to access and manage all their cloud services under a single roof.

The firm's hybrid cloud platform 'Maximus Hybrid Cloud' provides a cost advantage by gathering different cloud-based systems and processes of companies, according to a press release on Thursday.

Cloud systems refer to all web-based applications and storage services, which can be accessed over the internet.

The system, which was the first indigenous hybrid cloud platform in Turkey, is able to reach multi-cloud systems with high-performance.

Mehmet Ali Akarca, the general manager of KocSistem, said, "With our new service, we offer operational convenience and productivity to all companies."

The hybrid cloud system will support companies' digitalization process with its high-performance structure.

Globally, millions of companies use cloud systems to manage their organizations such as human resources, storage units, logistical systems, and shopping services.

Cloud solutions offer quick, affordable and easily accessible management opportunities to all companies.

KocSistem, a subsidiary of Turkey's leading conglomerate Koc Holding, provides products and services in technology fields such as the internet of things, big data, security, cloud, and the digital workforce.

Source: Anadolu Agency