Turkish ambassadors to meet on Aug. 3-9

Turkish ambassadors serving at home and abroad will gather in the capital Ankara for the 11th Ambassador Conference scheduled for Aug. 3-9, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The conference has been held annually by the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008 in which the ambassadors discuss regional and global developments with participations of senior officials.

This year's theme will be Robust Diplomacy: Active on the Ground and at the Table, underlining the holistic approach and various diplomatic tools used by Turkey to safeguard national rights and interests outside its borders.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will deliver instructions to the ambassadors, with country's foreign diplomacy, challenges and opportunities will be put on the table to discuss in a comprehensive manner.

In addition, other high-profile Turkish officials, such as Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop, ministers, senior public officials and high-level foreign dignitaries will also address the ambassadors.

Economy, security and defense will be some of the core subjects of the conference with a whole day allocated for each of them.

Conflict resolution, crisis management, expert panels, rising global populism and racism will also be tackled at the event.

At the last day of the event, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and ambassadors will pay a visit to northern Samsun province to mark the centennial of the Turkish War of Independence.

Source: Anadolu Agency