Turkey to host int’l shoe expo in Antalya this month

Turkey’s Mediterranean resort city of Antalya will host an international shoe expo at the end of this month with 100 domestic producers and 1,000 foreign buyers.


Set to be held between Oct. 28-30, the 9th edition of Eksposhoes will be attend by foreign visitors, especially from Russia, Balkans and Europe, said a written statement by the expo on Wednesday.


Erkan Demir, the CEO of the expo, said the Turkish shoe sector is one of the important players in the global shoe market.


The expo’s goal is to present the Turkish shoe sector to the world more precisely, raise the potential and added value by boosting trade relations and creating a platform for sustainable export, he stressed.


“In a period when the balance in economic and social life is upside down, we will take all our precautions and host nearly a thousand foreign professionals,” he underlined.


“Our only goal is that exports are not interrupted. We will continue to contribute to our industry and country,” he added.


Source: Anadolu Agency

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