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TransformativeMed Partners with Pronia Medical Systems

Core Diabetes application offers an additional clinically proven protocol for glycemic management by integrating Pronia’s GlucoCare – an FDA-approved insulin dosing calculator

SEATTLE, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TransformativeMed and Pronia Medical Systems announced today that the companies entered a strategic partnership to enable additional precision glycemic control in critically ill hospitalized patients.

Provide better care, spend more time with patients, and reduce burdensome tasks in the EHR.

The agreement brings together real-time summaries of glycemic trends, treatment protocols, nutritional intake, and chronological glucose patterns with the only FDA-approved, Yale-protocol-based algorithm for managing insulin infusions. With TransformativeMed, every patient gets individualized recommendations based on their most recent glucose response to insulin dosing (insulin sensitivity). The combined solution integrates seamlessly with all EHR functionality, including medication administration, documentation, orders, and more.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer an additional clinically-proven protocol for glycemic management to control blood sugars better and reduce length of stay,” said David Stone, TransformativeMed CEO. “With this partnership, we are bringing Pronia’s evidence-based solution directly to the bedside nurse through our integrated Cerner platform. This integration will save nurses precious time when managing IV insulin drips.”

Customers of TransformativeMed will now have access to a peer-reviewed solution that has been utilized for the glucose management of thousands of patients (hundreds of thousands of glucose readings). The solution virtually eliminates all hypoglycemia < 70 mg/dl while achieving mean blood sugar levels < 150 mg/dl.

“We have always believed that GlucoCare’s capabilities would be best realized as part of a collaboration with a care management solution. Through this new collaboration with TransformativeMed, we will be able to deliver best-in-class glycemic control in a seamless solution”, said Dr. Michael Marvin, CEO/CMO and co-founder of Pronia Medical Systems.

About TransformativeMed

TransformativeMed enables clinicians to provide better care, spend more time with patients, and reduce burdensome tasks in the EHR by distilling key data from the patient’s chart to produce more intelligent algorithms, automated workflows, and clinical insights. Our solutions are seamlessly embedded in the EHR to synchronize tasks, workflow, alerts, and notifications to harmonize the care team and create seamless communication across all clinicians.

About Pronia

Pronia Medical Systems was founded in 2007 and received FDA clearance for GlucoCare in 2008. Led by its two co-founders, Pronia has focused on continuous improvement of its GlucoCare product through an iterative process of analysis and protocol enhancement, the results of which have been peer-reviewed and published.

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