The decision of the Republic was moved to the Supreme Court

Court of Appeals of the 3 rd Criminal Chamber of the Istanbul Regional Court of Justice has been challenged in the Supreme Court of Appeals. The petition, which emphasized that di convictions should be broken because of the unlawful unlawfulness of the convictions, gerekti demanded that the Court of Cassation was sentenced to less than five years of imprisonment. In addition, those who received less than five years of imprisonment in the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the law that closed the way of appeal to the court to open a case, until the decision of the Court was asked to leave the case back.

Lawyers Duygun Yarsuvat, Fikret Ilkiz, Bahri Bayram Belen, Aynur Tuncel, Tora Pekin, Abbas Yalcin and Halil Kocabas signed the 208-page appeal of press freedom case in his petition / case of the judgment by stating that the public receive information smitten the right to compensation was a difficult blow to free broadcasting in Turkey / journalism activity will be terminated by the judiciary was expressed. In addition, an assessment was made that in terms of prison sentences, that is, the way of appeal against liberty is open to some of the convictions, that it is closed for some punishments, that it is contrary to the right to freedom and security of persons Ayrica and icin right of appeal iz and bakimindan equality baglayici principle.

On the other hand, judicial reform activities, 2018 activities and 2019 year in a press conference on the objectives of the President of the Supreme Court Ismail Rushu Cirit, the Republic regarding the case "six years of finalization of the penalties of the final punishment may result in the loss of rights. "he said.

Source: Initiative for Freedom of Expression