Syrian government announces opening of ‘corridors’ in Idlib

(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT - The Syrian government announced that it has opened "humanitarian corridors" to allow civilians in the hardest-hit areas to leave the region of Idlib, which has been under attack for weeks by a Russian and Syrian government offensive, according to Syrian media and local sources in Maarrat an Numan, the district in the region that has recently received the most intense airstrikes.

In recent days a ceasefire was announced in Idlib, but it was repeatedly violated, with dozens of civilian victims through Saturday.

On Sunday, another ceasefire was announced by Turkey, which has influence in the Idlib region and is in contact with Russia.

Sources confirmed that Syrian government aircraft in recent hours dropped flyers on residents in the region of Maarrat an Numan and over Idlib in general, inviting them to use "humanitarian corridors" opened in the direction of the towns of Abu Dhuhur and Khan Shaykhun, to the east and south of Maarrat an Numan, respectively.

Source: ANSA News Agency