Swallow Nests Have Building Demolition Postponed

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Demolition of the building of Special Administration in Düziçi district of Osmaniye province has been postponed due to swallow nests.

Demolition order was issued on the building in February following the negative results of durableness measurement test.

“It has been postponed until the nestlings migrate”

Following expressions have been included in the written statement issued on website of the Osmaniye Special Provincial Directorate:

“It has been detected that there are over 600 swallow nests on various places of mostly the external wall of the Düziçi District Special Administration Service building on which is there demolition order.

“Following the detection that there are over 1,000 swallow nestlings in the nests, the demolition has been postponed by the Osmaniye Special Provincial Directorate until their migration”. 

About the swallows

Photo: Ekin Karaca

The swallows build strong nests under building’s roofs, its eaves and window hollows with mud and clay.

Female swallow collects the mud the male brings by molding it with its beak, and that builds a strong nest with straw and plants.

They use their wide and flat beaks like trowel to plaster mud while doing the nest.

The nestlings are fed by the insect which their parents bring. They grow and leave the nest in two weeks.

By the end of summer, as days shorten and insects decrease, the nestlings migrate and spend the winter in Africa. They return in spring.