Support to Detained Medical Association Chair from His Former Assistants

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  • February 1, 2018
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The former assistants of Turkish Medical Association (TTB) Chair Raşit Tükel, who has been detained as part of the investigation launched against the TTB Central Council members, have made a statement of support.

Serving as academic at Department of Psychiatry in İstanbul Medical Faculty of İstanbul University, Tükel has been working since 1991. The statement penned by the doctors who served as assistant of Tükel within these years is as follows:

“We’ve written many things, we’ve wanted to share and say a lot of things, we stopped. At the end of the day, no matter how much we write, speak of our grief, it wouldn’t suffice to explain or convey our anger, reaction and longing.

“We were once the assistants of Prof. Raşit. When we heard about Prof. Raşit today, we’ve all remembered and felt how much we’ve learned about humanism and medical science; sensitivity and care; respect for human and labor; science and justice; grace and kindness; responsibility, sedulity, principality and devotion; sharing, friendship and loyalty.

“We all hurt so bad in our hearts as witnessing these incidents during this whole process.

 “These days will pass truth will remain, and Prof. Raşit will always remain as a human being as he has always been. He will stay with us, he will be with us. The professor will continue to teach, share and act in solidarity.

“We are grateful”.


Dr. Amber Özhan, Dr. Atike Çıta, Dr. Aysu Tihan, Dr. Banu Aslantaş Ertekin, Dr. Batuhan Ayık, Dr. Berna Özata Yıldızhan, Dr. Cavid Guliyev, Dr. Cem Taylan Erden, Dr. Ceylan Ergül, Dr. Çağrı Yüksel, Dr. Deniz Karayün, Dr. Didem Aksüt Dönmez, Dr. Dilek Güntepe, Dr. Evrim Göde, Dr. Gasım Gasımzade, Dr. Hasan Efe, Dr. İlker Özyıldırım, Dr. İlker Taşdemir, Dr. Meliha Öztürk, Dr. Mine Öztürk, Dr. Muhammed Mehtar, Dr. Nalan Öztürk, Dr. Neşe Direk Tecirli, Dr. Özay Özdemir, Dr. Seda Şahin Özyıldırım, Dr. Sercan Karabulut, Dr. Sevda Bıkmaz, Dr. Zerrin Oğlağu, Dr. Zeynep Tatar. (HK/TK)