Soldier who lost leg due to Russian mine wants to return to fighting after treatment

Two Ukrainian soldiers, among many who have lost legs in the ongoing Moscow-Kyiv war, have been able to walk again with the help of prosthetics during their treatment in the US.

Ukrainian soldiers Anton Domaratskyi and Victor Nesterenkoi were brought to New York through the nonprofit organization Kind Deeds and received prosthetics at an orthopedic clinic in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

Domaratskyi lost part of his right leg by stepping on a mine planted by Russian forces and he said he wants to return to his country after his treatment in the US.

"The Russians had attacked. While patrolling the city where my unit is located, I stepped on a mine. I was conscious and reached a safe point by jumping with one foot for about 50 meters (164 feet),” the 35-year-old said.

Domaratskyi was brought to Germany via Poland, and then to the US, with the help of a Polish medical team.

"The Ukrainians will continue to fight to protect their values, their homeland, and their freedom,” he underlined.

Türkiye’s efforts

Drawing attention to the impact of Turkish-made drones on the battlefield, the Ukrainian soldier voiced his gratitude to Türkiye, which supplies drones to Kyiv.

Another soldier, Viktor Nesterenkoi, stressed that there are mines across Ukraine, wounding not only soldiers but also many civilians.

Born in Donetsk, 23-year-old Nesterenkoi lost his left foot by stepping on a mine during a mission to determine the position of Russian troops in Ukraine's Maryinka region.

He said he wanted to return to Ukraine after the treatment to be reunited with his family and friends, adding that he was undecided whether to return to the war front and that if he did, he would be able to work behind the front.

*Writing by Seda Sevencan

Source: Anadolu Agency