‘Social Media’ Investigation Against 263 People Over Last Week

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  • October 8, 2018
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The Ministry of Interior has announced that 320 social media accounts have been investigated and legal action has been taken against 263 social media users from October 1 to October 8.

The ministry released its statement regarding the operation conducted between October 1 and 8 on its official website today (October 8).

The following charges have been pressed against the social media users:

“Propagandizing for a terrorist organization, promoting these organizations, declaring affiliation with terrorist organizations, inciting people to enmity and hatred, insulting state officials, attempting against state’s indivisible integrity, committing hate speech…”

Legal action against 1,153 people in one month

Since September 10, 2018, legal action has been taken against 1,153 people due to their social media posts.

General Directorate of Security announced on August 12, 2018 that an investigation was launched into 346 social media accounts which shared posts about the exchange rate of the US Dollar.

Ankara and İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Offices launched investigation into “news items, printed and visual publication, social media accounts that serve in economic attacks” on the same day. (BK/SD)