‘Social Media’ Arrest in Eskişehir

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Detained for insulting the president on social media, 54-year-old Berrin S. has been arrested in Eskişehir.

Berrin S. was detained during a home raid launched by teams from the Eskişehir Provincial Security Directorate and Department of Counteracting with Cyber Crimes. Berrin S. was arrested by Criminal Judgeship of Peace yesterday (May 13).

Last week, one person was arrested for “propagandizing for a terrorist organization” on social media in the district of İskenderun, Hatay.

In his statement made on May 11, Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu said that social media accounts would be monitored during the election period.

The Ministry of Interior had announced that 710 social media accounts were examined and legal action has been taken against 208 people from April 16 to April 23.

The ministry announced on February 26 that 845 people who criticized the Afrin operation on social media and participated in critical activities had been taken into custody. (AS/SD)