Siniora during Arab Thought Foundation conference in Cairo: Arabism upholds connotations of freedom and moderation

NNA – “Future” bloc head Fouad Siniora categorically underlined that the truthful Arabism is the one that brings Arabs closer together and advocates all the meanings and values of moderation, openness, dialogue, tolerance, freedom and democracy.

The former PM’s words came on Monday in an address at the 14th annual conference by the Arab Thought Foundation, under the rubric of Arab complementarity marking the 70th foundation of the Arab League, at the “Marriott” hotel in Cairo.

“Arabism which we believe in is the one which promotes a civil state which recognizes the civil rights of all citizens alike and respects human rights on the basis of recognition of the rights and duties of citizenship without any discrimination among citizens on an ethnic, religious, ideological or a territorial basis,” remarked Siniora.

Siniora also underlined the dire need for the Arab League in bringing the entire Arab nation together.

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