Ship Laded Bomb in Turkey Stopped in Greece

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A ship allegedly laded in Mersin and İskenderun ports and loaded with materials used in making explosives tanks has been stopped offshore Crete heading to Libya.

Reuters reported that Greek Coast Guards gave the information that they found with ammonium nitrate, non-electric fuse and 11 empty LPG tanks on the ship.

Rear Admiral Ioannis Argiriou from Greek Coast Guard said that these materials are used in all sorts of field from mining to bomb making and terrorist activities.

Eight crew members five of whom are citizens of Ukraine, two of whom are citizens of India and one of whom is citizen of Albania have been detained. The detainees will appear before prosecutor’s office today (January 11, 2018).

The route seems to be set for Djibouti and Oman but…

According to ship records, the cargo was laded in Mersin and İskenderun ports in Turkey and the destination is set as Djibouti and Oman.

However, the Greek Coast Guards stated that it was learned that the ship owner instructed the captain to “take all the cargo to Misrata district in Libya and unload it there”.

Besides, no navigation map for territorial waters of Djibouti and Oman could be found.

Greece shared the photos

Concerning the incident, the Greek Coast Guard shared a statement on Internet.

Eight images were shared in the statement.

Providing arms material to Libya is forbidden

With the embargo put into effect in 2011, the European Union and United Nations forbid arms sale and providing arms material to Libya. (EKN/TK)