Serbia and Western Balkans won’t be EU members anytime soon: President

Serbia’s president on Thursday said he is pessimistic about his country and its neighbors joining the European Union.

"I am pessimistic about the possibility of entering the European Union in a relatively soon period of time. I am pessimistic for all of us, including Montenegro, which is the most advanced country. We all see what is the mood in the European Union," Aleksandar Vucic told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

He adds that Serbia has progressed economically in recent years and that a lot has been done to improve the rule of law.

"We have had good economic growth in the last three years. Serbia was among the four countries that had the highest growth in Europe. The question is how to continue with similar or greater growth, and do other things," said Vucic.

He added that there are no longer any big dreams about joining the EU.

"You're right, we're not as enthusiastic as we used to be, and in a way, the EU isn't full of enthusiasm when it comes to us either. These are the facts, and all the EU numbers show, and I follow the numbers in the region, that the popularity of the EU is declining in the region. In North Macedonia and Serbia in particular, even in Montenegro,” he argued.

Western Balkans leaders have repeatedly criticized the EU for the slow progress on their EU membership bids.

The Western Balkans is home to three EU candidate states – Montenegro, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

Source: Anadolu Agency