Salam after Cabinet session: We confirm our steady support to Arab brothers, commitment to Arab consensus

NNA – Prime Minister Tammam Salam confirmed Lebanon’s permanent stand beside the Arab brothers and adherence to the Arab consensus on common affairs, based on the content of the Constitution which stipulates Lebanon’s Arab identity and belonging to the Arab League.

“We renew our commitment to what is stated in the ministerial statement of the ‘national interests’ government.. We have amidst these difficult times in the region to lessen our losses and commit to the dissociation policy,” Premier Salam was speaking on Monday in the wake of the extraordinary Cabinet session at the Grand Serail.

Salam also indicated that Lebanon shall not forget the Kingdom and the remaining Gulf and sisterly countries in embracing thousands of Lebanese expatriates of all sects, who are contributing to the renaissance of this precious zone of the Arab world.

“The Council of Ministers deems it essential to set relations between Lebanon and its brothers right and to remove any impurities,” Salam remarked.

The Prime Minister also expressed outright condemnation of the attack on the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Iran, which contradicts with the international conventions and agreements and with everything that protects the international missions in other countries.

The Cabinet exhorted the Premier to carry out the necessary contacts with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council, in preparation for a Gulf tour at the head of a ministerial delegation.

“We lucidly stated that our concern remains to consolidate and anchor brotherly relations with our Arab brothers, notably with Saudi Arabia” Salam said, indicating that the Cabinet’s statement- which he was reading out- was unanimously issued by the Council of Ministers.

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