Russia-Ukraine war dragging on risks deeper uncertainty: Turkish official

"In the workshop where we handled the Russia-Ukraine war, which is essentially a hegemonic power struggle, we discussed the current situation and possible scenarios. The prolongation and spread of war will further deepen global fragility and uncertainty," Ibrahim Kalin said on Twitter.

Kalin's remarks came a day after a workshop "The Ukraine War: Regional and Global Impacts" at the Cankaya Palace in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The workshop was attended by academics, think tank representatives, businesspeople and experts, who discussed the regional and global effects of the war, and also Türkiye's diplomatic efforts to reach a cease-fire between the two countries.

Participants said diplomatic efforts should be stepped up in order to open the diplomatic path for a solution on the basis of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and to revitalize the negotiations.

The workshop also addressed developments in the field, crises in energy, food, and the supply chain, the nuclear threat, and the positions of the EU and the US.

Participants also said preparations should be made for a possible change in the global security architecture in line with new power balances that may emerge after the war.

Source: Anadolu Agency