Russia says bombed Syria targets after 'opposition' gave coordinates

NNA – (Agence France Presse) Russian jets bombed 24 targets in Syria Tuesday after “opposition representatives” gave them coordinates in the first time Moscow has claimed to work with opposition groups during its air campaign.

“The coordinates of all of these targets were given to us by opposition representatives,” senior military official Andrei Kartapolov said, without specifying which groups Moscow had cooperated with.

Kartapolov said Moscow’s jets hit targets close to Palmyra, Der al-Zor, Ithriya and eastern Aleppo with assistance from the opposition, destroying “terrorist” command posts, munition stores and anti-aircraft artillery.

Moscow said it had set up “working coordination groups” aimed at bolstering the fight against ISIS, but said the identities of those involved were being kept secret.

“Such close cooperation will allow us to unite the efforts of the government troops with other patriotic forces in Syria that used to be in the opposition and act as a united front against the common enemy — international terrorism,” the defense ministry said in a statement.–Agence France Presse

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