‘Russia has left Moldova in the dark’: Moldova’s president

The president of Moldova blamed Russia on Wednesday because her country is experiencing widespread blackouts as Moscow continues to strike Ukraine.

“Russia has left Moldova in the dark. Russia's war in Ukraine kills people, destroys residential buildings and energy infrastructure with rockets,” Maia Sandu said on Facebook, noting that all state institutions are working to fix the power supply.

“We can't trust a regime that leaves us in the dark and cold that purposely kills people for the mere desire to keep other peoples poor and humble,” she said. “No matter how hard it may be now, our only way, the future path of the Republic of Moldova, must remain towards the free world.”

Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu confirmed the blackouts on Twitter.

“Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have left Moldova in the dark, again. Massive blackouts across the country, including Chisinau and the @MoldovaMFA building,” said Popescu.

“I instructed that Russia’s ambassador be summoned for explanations,” he added.

Russian energy company, Gazprom, said Monday that a backlog accumulated for Russian gas shipments via Ukraine destined for Moldova, and if it persists, shipments will be reduced beginning Nov. 28.

Air raid alerts are sounding in Ukraine almost daily because of possible missile and drone strikes that are targeting the civilian and energy infrastructure.

Source: Anadolu Agency