Russia files lawsuit to close down country’s oldest human rights group

Russia's Justice Ministry on Tuesday filed a lawsuit seeking the closure of the country's oldest human rights organization, the Moscow Helsinki Group.

The lawsuit appeared as a note on the Moscow City Court's website, with the ministry seeking the "liquidation" of the organization.

In a statement, the Moscow Helsinki Group said the ministry was suing it over its alleged activities outside of the Moscow region, while its charter did not meeting the legislative requirements.

Also, the group said it failed to provide all required documents during a surprise audit by the Justice Ministry in another factor .

The Moscow Helsinki Group was formed under the 1975 Final Helsinki Act, signed by 35 nations, including many European countries and the US and Canada, in an attempt to improve a detente between the Soviet Union and the West.

The Western-funded group was established to monitor Soviet compliance with the agreement.

Source: Anadolu Agency