Riachy: Mediaman should be guard to freedom

NNA – Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, said that mediaman should be the guard to freedom, his and other’s, and should at the same time abide by the ethics of said career which “does not contradict the exercise of freedom.”

Minister Riachy’s stance came Wednesday in the context of an interview on Tele Liban.

“The mediaman has rights which he must obtain and enjoy because he cannot liberate people at the time that he is slave,” said Riachy, who stressed the necessity to ensure essential rights for mediamen, adding that official media must carry the mission of enhancing dialogue, communication and the protection of civilizations..

Concerning the issue relevant to cancelling the Information Ministry, the minister said, “Lebanon is the country of mission, right and freedom, and must enter 21st century in a proper way. By such, there is no more an information ministry in the world.”