Relatives of Martyrs Granted Right to Study At Any University

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Supreme Council of Education (YÖK) president Yekta Saraç has announced that martyrs’ spouses and children who are already registered at a university were granted the right to study at any university they wish.

In a statement, Saraç said:

“We have decided that the [university-] registered spouses and children of personnel from Security Directorate General, Gendarmerie Command General, Coast Guard Command and Turkish Armed Forces who have been martyred while fighting against terrorism in and outside of the country, as well as citizens who were martyred during the coup attempt on July 15, 2016, are entitled the status of special student and have obtained the right to study at any university they wish as of the academic year of 2017-2018”.

In August 2016, YÖK granted the same right to students studying at the 15 foundation universities which were closed by statutory decrees issued as as part of the State of Emergency. (NV/DG)