Raad says those who describe Resistance as terrorist organization have no values, principles

NNA – “Loyalty to Resistance” parliamentary bloc head, MP Mohammad Raad said on Wednesday that they consider anyone who labels the Resistance as terrorist organization deprived of any values and principles.

Raad’s words came after a visit that he paid accompanied with a delegation from Hizbullah to Former Prime Minister Selim El-Hoss at his Aisha Bakkar residence.

Raad said that the visit is a regular one during which they discussed the situation and the recent issues in Lebanon and the region.

The MP noted that they are well-aware of El-Hoss’s keenness on the support and protection to the resistance as well as the unity of the position towards the Israeli enemy, noting that Hoss’s position is a genuine national, Arab, Islamic and humane one.

Responding to a question about the calls to calm the situation with K.S.A., Raad said “we did not resort to escalation, but who describes the resistance as terrorist organization, to us, is deprived from all values and principles.”