Putin says Russia facing challenge to its sovereignty

Putin said soldiers, officers, militia and volunteers "at the forefront of the special military operation" in Ukraine are defending the country's future.

"People of different generations, different fields of activity, different spheres are in this hall now. These are mothers who raise a lot of children and who put us on our feet. These are teachers, scientists who create the basis for development. These are educators and artists who shape our consciousness throughout our lives,” he said at a ceremony to present the highest state decorations at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

"And all this is Russia! This is the power and reliability of our country. The more effectively all our citizens work – those, who set the pace for moving forward, and that's you, – the stronger is this power," he said.

The awards were presented to Russians in education, science, medicine and health care, industry, agriculture, maritime transport and other areas.

Source: Anadolu Agency